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iPhone Photo Framing for Christmas

10 Dec

Shhhh, don’t tell! Our customer shot this iPhone pic while walking her dog at Lebanon Hills park…and wasn’t sure where to go from there. Came in with her phone. We tweaked the color and contrast a bit and turned it into a lovely Christmas gift for her hubby. Got some cool pics on your phone?  Stop […]

Picture of Grace

24 Nov

Many of us remember this photo, entitled “Grace” hanging at Grandmas house growing up. But did you know this photo is the Minnesota State photo? KARE 11 did a wonderful “Picture of Grace” story on this!  We’ve put the KARE 11 link here for your viewing;…/20…/11/23/picture-of-grace/76293300/ P.S. It is still available and we have a […]

Custom Framed Running Medals

01 Apr
medals tc half marathon

Just did a really fun project – a series of medals! It started out as a surprise but I guess she figured it out before we finished everything up. We chose a silver cube frame from Larson-Juhl’s Tate line to united the group and then chose matting colors and designs to complement both the colors […]

It’s National Doodle Day

06 Feb
nancy carlson doodle day drawing

Grab your pens, pencils and markers and give it a go. It’s National Doodle Day! This sketch is from Minnesota artist, Nancy Carlson who is the author of several children’s books. If you come up with something worthy of a custom frame, I think I know a place that can set you up! (hint – it’s […]

Almost Famous?

21 Jan
state of the union pic

Did you watch the State of the Union address last night? I suppose I am the only one that was looking at the custom framed art on the wall! When they showed the pictures of  President Obama was having lunch at Matt’s Bar in Minneapolis, I could not help but notice some of the photo […]

Still Framing for Christmas

17 Dec
phillippi-Northshore 2104

Yes, we can still do custom framing for a few more days! No, we are not completely crazy (just a little off our rockers). You see, unlike many of our competitors, we stock a lot of materials right in our store and have relationships with some local distributors that allow us to take and complete […]

Grandpa’s Standard Oil Station

11 Dec

We did this memorabilia framing project for a young man who’s Grandpa owned a Standard Oil station in Wisconsin. Remember when there were Service Stations, not gas stations? And someone came out, pumped your gas, cleaned the windshield and checked the oil? Our client’s Dad worked there as a child and young man.  The station […]

Birth of A Star

08 Dec
terry w xmas piece

Custom Art Framing Project Great piece of art that we just got in the store. Entitled “A Birth of a Star” this is an original mixed media piece by Terry Williams of Infinity Arts & Design in Eagan. Terry uses tissue paper, adhesive and other materials to create a cool 3D effect. It is priced at […]