Custom Picture Framing Inver Grove Heights, MN

We specialize in two things – making your photos look great now and in the future.

Custom Picture Framing Inver Grove Heights, MNWe help you chose just the colors that will look good with your photos and then use the proper materials and techniques so that your expensive signed items will last as long as possible.

We do this by using exclusively acid-free materials, reversible mounting techniques and glass that is specially coated to eliminate the light that makes things fade. When I re-read that sentence, it sounds like we are probably super expensive. But give it us a shot – our prices are very competitive and our finished product is second to none. We’ve been at this business quite awhile and have know all the little tricks that allow us to turn out a great product at a competitive price.

Not sure what you want?

Browse through our “Gallery” page to get some custom picture framing and other photo related ideas. Snap a couple of photos of where you plan to hang your project. Grab a paint swatch, if you want. But most of the time, we find that if we frame the photo, jersey or other memorabilia “for the art”, it will look good in your room.  We can help you with color selection and layouts and even provide an emailed layout, if you like.

With custom picture framing and sports projects,  adding small items like a logo’d sticker, pin or trading card adds very little in cost but can make it look very nice, so bring those items along. Think about whether or not you might like an engraved plate included in the project and what you might want that to say. (We can provide the engraving or use something you already have purchased)

Custom Picture Framing Inver Grove Heights, MNTrained Custom Picture Framing Experts

All custom picture framing and photo memorabilia framing work is done in our shop by trained professionals. We do just about everything from mat cutting, frame cutting and joining, installing the glass and assembling the whole project on site. We take a lot of pride in what we do and offer a Satisfaction Guarantee.  We want to make sure your photo both looks nice and is preserved for years to come.

Custom Picture Framing Inver Grove Heights, MN

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