Framing a Baptismal Gown

24 Sep

This antique baptismal gown was worn by 3 generations of babies and dates back to the early 1900s.  Our client wanted a simple treatment that we think turned out very nicely.

We arranged and carefully tacked the fragile garments to the acid-free suede matting using tiny stitches typically hidden in the seams of the garments. It is important to use very thin thread and needles on such a fragile piece or we risk damaging the garment—and, well, with something as sentimental and irreplaceable we sure would not want to do that!

An inexperienced framer might try a tagging gun, fish line or thick thread which are all big no-no’s on a fragile article.  Tagging guns and thick thread are appropriate for some things but the fish line belongs in the tackle box not the frame shop.

We chose a simple but elegant frame that was actually designed by our supplier for the elegant Biltmore estate in South Carolina.  And we used Museum Glass which, because it  offers 98% protection against UV rays, is the best protection again further deterioration of the garment. And is clearest, least reflective product on the market–and happens to be produced right here in Faribault, MN





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