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About Having Your Photos & Documents Restored

When we frame valuable or sentimental documents and photos today, a good framer will use a variety of materials and techniques to help preserve items for future years.

While these materials have been around for over 40 years, they were not commonly used until the last 15 years or so. Our clients come in with older family pieces in various stages of disrepair. Some are faded to a point where the handwriting is nearly unreadable. Others are crumbling, missing pieces or stained with mold or waterstained.

Photo Restoration Burnsville, MN

Today we can provide an excellent digital restoration of these damaged photos and documents. We do this work locally, using a very skilled craftsman who is truly an expert in this area. He is simply the best in the business, in our humble opinion. And his services are very reasonably priced. While many of the big chains do restoration work, your item will probably be simply scanned and usually sent to China or Thailand for editing….which can get kind of tricky if something isn’t quite right!

Our restorer is more than just a decent photoshop guy. He is a restoration expert who has studied photographic history extensively and even chosen his printing inks and papers to reflect history. We give you a no obligation quote upfront and a digital proof by email before printing. If you see something that isn’t quite right”perhaps a color isn’t the way you remember, you let us know and we send another proof. Only then we go to print.

 For Photo Restoration Burnsville, MN Call 651-405-0011 and we can get started for you right away.

Have something you’d like us to look at? Stop in with your damaged photo or document. We chat a bit about expectations, you leave it and we get a no obligation estimate. The quote will include restoration work and one printed copy, typically in the size of the original. Extra copies and different sizes are available. We will get your verbal permission to proceed with the work and you will receive an email proof prior to printing. And when everything is completed, you will get your original print returned, the restored document as well as a CD with your image on it to use however you want. We’ve done very simple jobs from $25 and very complicated for $175. And because our restoration guy lives in the area, your originals are hand-carried in protective sleeves at no extra charge, which also eliminates potential for damaging your heirloom. Be prepared”it isn’t unusual for a client to cry when they see the final product!

And yes, we can work on items for businesses, government unit or nonprofit. We’d love to help you pick out custom framing for your new print but of course there is no obligation to purchase framing. And yes, our satisfaction guarantee extends to photo restoration. Ask us for details.